Gracie Grows Great Dahlia Seeds

Hi! My name is Gracie-Mae and I’m here to talk to you about dahlia seeds and how special they are to me. Watching a little bud crack open into life without knowing what is inside is so exciting. It could be something amazing no one else has ever seen before, or it could be a yellow single, ugly as. I’m not sure if the waiting part is good or bad, but if you grow enough seeds, the wait will always be worth it in the end!

Something New

Dahlias are unique. You can grow another plant with exactly the same flower by dividing the tuber or taking a cutting from a plant you already have. But, and this is the special part, if you take a seed from a dahlia flower and plant it the next year, you will get a completely different flower, a new start. Exciting, right?

Seedling Love

For our first year we arranged our Pick Your Own garden into two sides. One side had tubers we bought which mostly came from overseas. The other side were all dahlia plants we had grown at home from  seeds. Every day during our growing season, my sisters and I would run out to the dahlia patch and beeline straight to the seedling side. The competition was always to try and find the prettiest new seedling that had popped up overnight. Sometimes, we had to guess what colour or shape a new flower would be from carefully opening some of the petals from a new bud. It was a magical time, although hard to decide who found the prettiest flower. We never agreed.

A New Plan

It was clear after that year that we all loved growing seeds the best. Our direction for our Green Footed Kiwi Dahlia Farm was obvious. We were going for home grown. Seeds only. No overseas tubers allowed! We kept 284 seedlings out of the 1,000 seeds we planted from last year to grow again this year. We will try and get 10 plants from each to grow in a line. It’s going to look magnificent, right? A whole sea of our own homegrown brightness and joy! On the other side of our garden, we will plant more seeds. I don’t think you can ever plant too many seeds! Once we get our numbers up, we will start to sell Green Footed Kiwi dahlia tubers, unique to the Dahlia Kids.

Come Say Hi

Come follow us on Instagram to see all our new dahlias. I will be taking on the challenge of posting a flower a day for a whole year, starting September 1st, the First day of spring. If you like what you see, then you really should make sure to visit us. Afterall. You will not find these particular flowers anywhere else in the world! What a treat for any flower lover! Oh and how could I forget, there will also be special High Teas available!

See you in summer!


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