Lexi's Slug Kebab

Hi, my name is Lexi and today I want to talk to you about slugs.

Squishy, slimy, smelly slugs! They need their bottoms wiped!

Slugs are really bad for our garden because they eat our dahlias and leave their slug slime all over the place. If the plant is too small, they will eat so much it will die. We need to get rid of them before we plant our dahlias!

Challenge Accepted

Mum set us a challenge to collect as many slugs as possible in one hour. And guess what the prize was? 

A big bar of chocolate!

I didn’t win!! I was so mad!

My Sisters are Gross

Milly, Gracie and me, we all went out to the dahlia patch with lupins and mustard all in it. The weed mat had blown off the rows and the slippery, slimy, smelly slugs were crawling around under our scrunched up weed mat which was all over the place.

We tried to stab the slugs on to weed mat pins so we could roast our slug kebabs on the fire for dinner.  But there were too many slugs!  Do you know what my sisters did then? They lifted the bottom of their t-shirts up and put all their slugs in there. I wasn’t so disgusting! I put my slugs in my hand.

I got 55 slugs. Gracie got 100 slugs. Milly got 260 slugs.

I was sure I was winning, but then I got all slugged out!

Mum Can't be Trusted

When we got back mum had eaten half the chocolate bar. We were so mad!

Now mum has to buy Milly a new bar of chocolate.

I bet there are still lots of squishy, slimy, smelly slugs out there! Maybe next time I will win!


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