Milly Chats with the Bumblebees

Hi!  It’s me again, Milly! In my last blog, I talked about my life as a homeschooled kid. Now, in this one, I am going to talk about our Pick Your Owns days at our Green Footed Kiwi dahlia farm. When my sisters and I set up our dahlia farm in Kaikohe, NZ, it was really important to us to share our love of dahlias with others. At the time Covid was all around and everyone looked sad, so we thought it would be a good way to cheer people up.

If you read my last blog post, you will remember I talked about being a little bit ‘weird’ or different as I am homeschooled. So, instead of telling you about our Pick Your Own Dahlias business in the ‘normal’ way, I am going to tell you about it from a bumblebee’s perspective! You know me, I like to be weird!

Bumblebee Rules

One sunny Saturday morning during the summer flower season the bumblebees all gathered around.

“Now bumblebees, remember the rules,” demanded Lord Bumblebee.

Rule Number One—Bee on your best bee-haviour
Rule Number Two— No rolling all over the paths
Rule Number Three—Pose for the cameras
Rule Number Four—No stinging. Even if they take away your flower!
Rule Number Five—Wash those smelly feet!

Three Minutes Later...

“Here they come! The first car! I can see it! Action stations! The welcoming girls have heard the car too. They are off to meet and greet, we must get ready.”

A Little While Later...

“Help me! A foot! A great big shoed foot! A gumboot! It’s coming my way! Must get off the floor. Must move to safety and obey the rules. But I can’t get up off the floor! My tummy is too full! Don’t stand on me! I’m moving, I’m grooving, I’m bumbling to the side. Made it just in time. Phew! Good job that big foot didn’t squash into my stinger and make me use it! Sometimes rules are so hard to follow when there is so much yummy food around.”

Later Still...

"This person keeps taking photos of me. I like this person. Look at me pose! One legs in the air….and smile! A little dancing here and there...and smile! I think I will leave with this family. They look fun. I’ll hide in their great big, beautiful bucket of flowers. I think I can squeeze inside one of those tight little petals, after all my bum isn’t too big. We’re almost at the car. They’ve not seen me yet.  Nearly there. Agggghhhhhh! They flicked me off! I thought they liked me! Such meanies! And when I was following Lord Bumblebee’s rules so well too!”

Nearing the End of the Day...

“Don’t they know I’m shy? I don’t want to be in this photo. I’m going to hide in my safe spot, over in the single dahlias where no one goes. Wait! Who’s that? That little boy is coming towards me...with scissors! Oi! Leave my flower alone. It’s my favourite. I like it because no one else likes it. Must not sting. Must obey the rules. He cut it! My favourite yellow single! I hope a petal falls off before you get home, you bully! Must stay calm. Must breathe slowly. In. Out. In. Out. I didn’t sting. I’m so proud of myself. I will just have to find a new favourite flower!”

At the End of the Day...

“Come along bumbles, let’s number up. Is anyone missing?” said Lord Bumblebee.
One, two, three….twenty….one hundred………….one million! Yes! Everyone is still here!”

“So many flowers have gone. But thankfully some have stayed for us to sleep safely tonight.  I think it was a successful day. No one got stung or squashed and I didn’t hear any complaining about your smelly feet either! It looked like the people sure had fun! Bring on tomorrow and another Pick Your Own Day!"


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