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The Dahlia Kids, Our Journey into Growing Dahlias from Seed in New Zealand

Kickstarted by a $100 entrepreneurial homeschool project, this compelling story follows the lives of three young Dahlia Kids and details their journey into growing dahlias from seed on their rural bush property, ten minutes south of Kaikohe, New Zealand.

Inspired by a pretty flower on social media, and further encouraged by success at a local A&P Show and a pack of seeds in the post, the Dahlia Kids have created a rainbow of happiness for others to share and take away with them.

This was not an easy task. However, the infectious enthusiasm the Dahlia Kids give off as they let their flower filled photos walk you through their property detailing their journey, their experiments, successes and failures, their perseverance and hard work is heartwarming.

A truly inspirational photo filled story delving into an authentic NZ rural lifestyle and the power of working hard, teamwork and giving crazy ideas a crack.

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